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2 cursors on one computer

Can you have 2 cursors on 1 computer?

Just add some extra mice and (optional) keyboards and MouseMux will transform your PC into a realtime multi-user system. Each user can work in their own document, annotate on the screen, drag or resize windows or interact with different programs - all at the same time on the same windows desktop.

Why do I have 2 cursors on my screen?

When you are connected to a computer in a remote session, there may be two mouse cursors because the "Show Remote Cursor" setting is enabled. For Windows/Mac: If you want to disable the remote mouse cursor, please disable the "Show Remote Cursor" option.
[PDF] [PDF] Using Multiple Cursors to Assist Target Acquisition on Large Screens

Figure 1: Multiple synchronous movement of cursors cover a large screen We propose another method called the “ninja cursor” to reduce the ID by modifying 

[PDF] [PDF] Multi-finger Cursor Techniques - Brown CS

Cursors in desktop interfaces are typically controlled by only two user's fingers on a touchpad that can detect multiple finger locations at once

[PDF] [PDF] Multi-Monitor Mouse - Hrvoje Benko

The experiment was conducted on a Dual Xeon (2 6GHz 2GB RAM) computer running Windows XP with four monitors tiled in a horizontal arrangement driven by two

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