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2 cursors windows 10

Can Windows have 2 cursors?

Unfortunately, Windows does not enable users to use multiple cursors at once. However, you may look into other software that might be able to serve your intended purpose. This software is called Pluralinput. Do note that it is a paid program so you might want to take some time to consider first.

Why am I getting 2 cursors on my screen?

When you are connected to a computer in a remote session, there may be two mouse cursors because the "Show Remote Cursor" setting is enabled. For Windows/Mac: If you want to disable the remote mouse cursor, please disable the "Show Remote Cursor" option.

How to use 2 mice on 1 computer?

All you have to do is plug a second mouse into any empty USB port. Windows will automatically detect the mouse and install the driver, then you'll be able to use either mouse to control the cursor. One mouse for you, and another mouse for your son.
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We propose the “ninja cursor” to improve the performance of target acquisition particularly on large screens This technique uses multiple distributed 

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29 de abr de 2022 · Microsoft publishes Open Specifications documentation (“this 2 2 2: Intel Fast Cursor is not supported in the Windows 10 v1507 operating 

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