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How do I make two cursors?

There are 2 types of Cursors: Implicit Cursors, and Explicit Cursors.

What are the two types of cursor?

The trick to declaring a cursor within a cursor is that you need to continue to open and close the second cursor each time a new record is retrieved from the first cursor. That way, the second cursor will use the new variable values from the first cursor.

How do I pass one cursor to another cursor?

A nested cursor is implicitly opened when the cursor expression is evaluated. For example, if the cursor expression appears in a select list, a nested cursor will be opened for each row fetched by the query. The nested cursor is closed only when: The nested cursor is explicitly closed by the user.
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2 Host Languages • SQL doesn't do iteration recursion (until Cursors When a query returns multiple rows you can explicitly define a cursor to

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This technique uses multiple distributed cursors to reduce the average distance to targets Each cursor moves synchronously following mouse movement We present 

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A cursor in text takes the form of a (usually blinking) under- line beneath a character a box around the character or-- in some bit-mapped graphic-based 


So Cursor use to some group of rows (more than one row) for implementing certain logic to get all the group of records • Classification of CURSORS 1 Implicit 

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In this paper we define the concept of cursors which can be seen as a Likewise the iterator concept the cursor concept serves two purposes: making

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There are two types of cursors: Implicit cursors Explicit cursors Implicit Cursors Implicit cursors are automatically created by Oracle whenever an SQL 

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