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How do you type strikethrough 0?

The "∅" symbol is always drawn as a slashed circle, whereas in most typefaces the letter "Ø" is a slashed ellipse.

How is O written?

Ø (and ø) is a Scandinavian vowel letter.

What is this symbol O?

The slashed zero glyph is often used to distinguish the digit "zero" ("0") from the Latin script letter "O" anywhere that the distinction needs emphasis, particularly in encoding systems, scientific and engineering applications, computer programming (such as software development), and telecommunications.

How to make a crossed out O on a keyboard?

  • This symbol represented by a "crossed out O" does not exist on standard keyboards, but it is very easy to achieve it thanks to a combination of keys on your keyboard. You can make this symbol in upper case ( Ø) or lower case ( ø) using the key combinations explained below. 1. Make the symbol "Diameter" under Windows 2.

Why is there a dot in the center of the zero?

  • The zero with a dot in the center seems to have originated as an option on IBM 3270 display controllers. The dotted zero may appear similar to the Greek letter theta (particularly capital theta, Θ), but the two have different glyphs.

How do I insert a symbol?

  • 1 Place the insertion pointer at the desired location. 2 Press and hold down the Alt key 3 While pressing down the Alt key, type 0216 using the numeric keypad to insert the symbol.

What is a slashed zero in Unicode?

  • Unicode supports explicit slashed zero, but only via a pair of combining characters, not as a distinct single character (or code point, in Unicode parlance). It is treated literally as "a zero that is slashed", and it is coded as two characters: the commonplace zero and then the "combining long solidus overlay" (U+0338).
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