Java ArrayList<GenericObject>.remove(GenericObject) returns false, but still decrements size of ArrayList

Quite a simple problem, but clouded by all your code:

if (! heds.faces.remove(currentHE.twin.leftFace));

It's the semicolon at the end of the if-condition. That semicolon ends the statement, which is your if statement. It turns the "then" part of your if block into an empty statement (so nothing happens). Then you have a floating block after it that always happens.

Your code executes like this:

if (! heds.faces.remove(currentHE.twin.leftFace))
    ; //this empty statement never gets executed, but nothing to execute anyhow

    //this will always print (since it's not guarded by the if)
    System.out.println("We have a twin problem");

In other words, heds.faces.remove() is indeed returning true; you just failed to report the result correctly. Remove the semi-colon and the output should start to make sense to you.


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