How to access Javascript module with Duktape in Android

I am successfully parsing and evaluating a javascript file with Duktape in my Android application using Kotlin.

val file_name = "lib.js"

val js_string = {

val duktape = Duktape.create()

try {
  Log.d("Greeting", duktape.evaluate("'hello world'.toUpperCase();").toString())

} finally {

The javascript file was created with Browserify, so it is one single file with everything and it is working fine. But I need to request a module and a method from the module, example:

var test = require('testjs-lib');

I have no idea of how to do it and have not found any example, besides this link:

It tells me to use a modsearch, but I don't have a clue how to do it or where it should be placed, not even if it is applicable for the Duktape Android (

Has anybody done it successfully that could shed some light on this matter?


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