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K corso dog

[PDF] [PDF] Cane Corso

No other group of dog breeds seems as difficult to define as the Molosser dogs The Cane Corso is an ancient Italian breed medium to large sized

[PDF] [PDF] Official Standard of the Cane Corso General Appearance

Official Standard of the Cane Corso General Appearance: Ancient Italian breed medium-large size Molossus Dog Sturdy with a strong skeleton

[PDF] [PDF] Cane Corso Italiano - Official UKC Breed Standard

A medium to large sized robust sturdy dog that is somewhat elegant and has lean powerful muscles CHARACTERISTICS The breed is extremely responsive and 

[PDF] [PDF] FCI-Standard N° 343

17 de dez de 2015 · (Italian Cane Corso) sturdy dog nevertheless with some elegance IMPORTANT PROPORTIONS: The dog is rectangular in outline

[PDF] [PDF] Cane Corso - Canadian Kennel Club

Origin Purpose The Cane Corso is the direct descendant of the ancient Roam molosser dogs In the past the breed was common throughout Italy but is now

[PDF] [PDF] ECVO Manual: BREEDS 2021 - Cane Corso Italiano

ECVO MANUAL: BREEDS 2021 Known and Presumed Hereditary Eye Diseases (KP-HED) in Dogs and Cats Cane Corso Italiano Ocular disorders known or presumed to 

[PDF] [PDF] Median Longevity of CANE CORSO ITALIAN DOG BREED and Its

The Cane Corso Italiano (see the photo below) is a direct descendant of Canis Pugnax molossian dog breed known since ancient Rome and used in guarding and 

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